Think about it……on your wedding day you will spend more time with the photographer than anyone else. We know it's important to feel comfortable and connected with each other, so let’s get acquainted (we’ll go first!).

Meet Kai + tim

We are destination wedding photographers Kailee and Tim, lovers of beauty, deep belly laughs and fluffy dogs. We are kind and adventurous people that cherish once in a lifetime experiences.

Whether we are roaming the whitewashed towns of Santorini or photo-rallying a bridal party before the ceremony. All of it is precious to us, and we live to capture it.

Our photography style is charming, light, harmonious and warm. The most rewarding part of this job is capturing the unique essence of each couples’ relationship.

As design enthusiasts, we relish in witnessing our couples in the atmosphere they create on their wedding day. From the special, meaningful touches to the overall aesthetic, it peaks our creative inspiration and informs how we highlight our couples in “their world.” We value our couples’ authenticity, expression and joy — we celebrate all love here!

We are skilled at capturing movement and the candid, “in between” moments of the wedding day.

Whether it's a sweet glance from your beloved or the flower girl exploring the whirl of her tutu. We will curate and capture all of the essential, posed shots, and thrive off capturing all of the sweet, natural moments that help to breathe life back into a day that can sometimes feel (and look!) like a dream. Together, these styles create an elegant and captivating gallery that will pull at your heartstrings and transport you back to your wedding day.

a few more things you should know: 

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Laughter is Contagious

We have been pleased to hear that many of our couples say shooting with us is like hanging out with old friends. We know that laughter is contagious, and we wield it to make you feel at ease in front of the camera. While we enjoy a good laugh on the job, we pride ourselves as professionals that are punctual, detail oriented and efficient. As a husband and wife duo we can read each other’s cues instantly, and will be on top of your wedding schedule without missing any shots!

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We cherish every love story

We are so grateful to have a career where we get to meet amazing people and constantly be reminded of all the love in the world. This dynamic, fast paced industry keeps us evolving as photographers, and fulfilled as devout romantics. 

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We love to travel

Do you want your fur babies in your photos? Maybe a photoshoot on a sailboat in the harbor? Perhaps a sunrise seaside session? Or maybe invite us along to capture your European destination wedding? We would be honored to work with your vision — head over to our inquiry page and tell us all about your dream wedding!

xox talk soon!

at a glance

Kai & Tim


Kailee (pronounced "Kylie") is the proud founder of KDP. For over ten years she's been dedicated to curating romantic photoshoots that capture the special love that radiates between her couples. With experience as a wedding planner, a bride and a wedding photographer, she brings a level of support and care to her couples that extends beyond the snap of her shutter. You may find her roller skating around her neighborhood, looking up flights out of the country or admiring the coastal vistas around her beloved city of Charleston.

Favorite show: Ted Lasso
Favorite place: Australia
Favorite season: Spring


Since Tim fell for Kai in high school he has been supporting her in her photography dreams, even if that means carrying her bags at a photoshoot. Years later, here he is as the second, essential half of KDP, and a skilled photographer and drone pilot at that. He's a fabulous cook, a committed ball-throwing dog dad and an enthusiastic dancer (sometimes he gets a little too excited and rips his pants on the dance floor.) In his free time you may find him in a serene state of mind rowing through the waterways of Clark's Sound, or rollerblading in his neighborhood.

Favorite show: Peaky Blinders
Favorite place: Hawaii
Favorite season: Summer


(aka Smooshie 1) : This precious nugget is Finn, the first Australian Labradoodle that stole our heart and turned us into proud, pup parents. She's an old soul that loves life's simple pleasures such as a good snuggle and playing ball. She's part human, part doodle and part perfection.

Favorite toy: ball
Favorite season: Anything under 70 degrees
Favorite snack: Apples


(aka Smooshie 2) : We added another Smooshie to the fam! Koa means "brave one" in Hawaiian and this tenacious, energizing puppy adds so much spunk to our home. She's also an Australian Labradoodle and is actually Finn's niece! She's a passionate licker with a playful, adventurous spirit.

Favorite toy: any toy Finn is currently playing with
Favorite season: Anything under 70 degrees
Favorite snack: Broccoli

 we believe



Your photos should        like your wedding day.

Let us capture your once in a lifetime experience and the moments in between.

From the special, meaningful touches to the overall aesthetic, it peaks our creative inspiration and informs how we highlight our couples in “their world.” We value our couples’ authenticity, expression and joy — and we celebrate all love here!