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Dancing Through Life

Come along with us as we depart from the hot, bustling cobblestone streets of Charleston, and off to Boston for Emily and Michael’s enchanting wedding weekend!

Emily and Michael are one of our cherished pre-COVID couples who have powered through three wedding date changes and two venue changes — all the while patiently dreaming of their big day. These college sweethearts met at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where they anticipated they would settle down and tie the knot. Emily decided to continue her education as an M.D., eventually leading to an exciting job opportunity as a plastic surgeon at Harvard Medical. This couple packed up their life in Nashville and headed to Boston, their new home and new wedding destination!

With the wedding weekend finally here, we grabbed our camera bags, kissed our sweet pups goodbye and headed to the airport, completely oblivious to the curveballs heading our way. All the flights to Boston were cancelled, with only one upcoming flight arriving at 11 PM on the wedding day. We rolled up our sleeves and jumped in the car, determined to be the most resilient husband and wife driving team ever. Thanks to rippling thunderstorms across the Southeast causing standstill traffic, it took us 21 hours to get to Boston. We pride ourselves on always arriving early to our bookings, but for the first time ever we arrived five minutes late to Emily and Michael’s rehearsal dinner. Of course, this kind couple took no notice of it and greeted us with the friendliest smiles that snapped us back into our photographing groove.

The rehearsal dinner was at the Hampshire House in the city center, overlooking the Boston Common. This extravagant venue oozed New England charm with its historic relics, beautiful old books and gold brocade window treatments. Emily wore a strapless dress embellished with an oversized bow that flowed behind her as she strolled about the venue. After the rehearsal dinner we retreated to our hotel, elated to finally sleep in a bed and get a good night’s rest before the wedding day.

Hampshire House rehearsal dinner in downtown Boston near boston common

Cute strapless rehearsal dinner dress with large bow with long tail. Groom kisses bride to be on cute sidewalk with spring tree in downtown boston.

Black and white rehearsal dinner groom holding bride. Boston wedding photographer.

Hampshire House awning at rehearsal dinner in downtown Boston

Walking on the sidewalk in Beacon Hill. Groom twirls his bride to be with her bow flowing in the wind. Summer wedding in boston.

Hampshire House black and white photo at rehearsal dinner. Groom snuggles into bride in downtown Boston.

Hampshire House summer rehearsal dinner in downtown Boston.

Fun moment between future bride and groom on the sidewalk in front of hampshire house near boston common.

Rehearsal dinner dress for bride with big bow flowing in the wind. Bride and groom holding hands walking down the street.

The following morning we met Emily and her bride tribe at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Boston. She was as bubbly as her glass of Prosecco, bouncing around the hotel room in her satin loungewear with marabou trim. She is one of the happiest brides we’ve ever photographed, and her magnetic energy kept us engaged and inspired throughout the weekend.

The wedding was held at the breathtaking Bradley Estate, a country home outside of Boston surrounded by meticulously kept gardens and dense, old-growth forests. The red brick and rigid symmetry of the mansion stood solidly beside the whimsical summer flowers and Emily’s billowing wedding skirt. This venue was the picture of relaxed sophistication, a true mirror of the couple themselves. Michael and Emily looked serene posing in front of the tall pines and blooming dogwoods that were as vital and vibrant as the love the couple has for one another.

Guests began arriving through the double doors of the mansion into the formal backyard of the estate. Taking their seats, the mystical forest and the romantic floral arrangements enraptured their senses, lending it all to a scene from a fairytale. Emily came down the rose petal runway, her father by her side, sharing a similar radiant smile. Michael was also glowing, overjoyed to take Emily as his wife. The couple spoke their sacred vows before their loved ones and the enchanted forest, shared their first kiss as husband and wife, and floated down the aisle on cloud nine.

The guests dined on lobster rolls and oysters for cocktail hour, while roaming the grounds of the estate and the pristine dining area. The white sailcloth tent was suspended over a travertine courtyard, creating a dining atmosphere fit for royalty. Each place setting was accompanied by a crystal goblet, gold silverware and a menu written in delicate calligraphy with a wax seal stamped “E & M.” The continuity of white and green throughout the entire wedding was seamless, and left us convinced that this was one of the most beautiful backyard weddings we have ever seen.

For their first dance Emily and Michael were in a synchronous state, anticipating each other’s moves and flowing together effortlessly. They took their place at their table, drinking in all the loving words spoken by honorary guests, and some effervescent champagne served in sterling silver goblets. Once the sun started to set, and everyone was fully sated with classic New England dishes, the band began to play, beckoning everyone to the dance floor.

We learned that Emily loves to swing dance, and trusted her friend to flip and dip her, even in her long wedding dress! The couple made their rounds and danced with friends and family members, often retreating back to each other’s arms to share a kiss and an embrace. Emily changed into a fabulous flapper style party dress with beaded fringe that whipped the air every time she moved. Michael’s groomsmen hoisted him up on a dining chair, causing him a fit of laughter, while Emily boogied down with her blush pink bride tribe.

The night gradually came to a close, and Emily and Michael began to thank their beloved guests for coming out. Bubbles were distributed, and soon the sail cloth tent was filled with iridescent air pockets of magic. Emily and Michael made their way down the bubble runway, and into a luxurious, vintage Rolls Royce. Before driving off, they looked back with tears of joy, understanding that good things really do come to those who wait.

Keep dancing through life you two, the best is yet to come!

Check out a few of our favorites from this wedding day below!

xox Kai & Tim

East Coast Destination Wedding Photographer

neutral toned wedding day details. Vow book with large bow and jimmy choo heels .

Custom wedding day wax pressed seal and bridal earrings.

Jimmy Choo heels and fun pink polaroid camera

Wedding invitation detail

Full wedding invitation suite detail photo. Neutral tones with flowers, heels and engagement ring. Custom wax press. Getting ready at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Boston

Bride pops Prosecco with with bridesmaids in pink pajamas on the morning of summer boston wedding.

fun picture of bride in feather sleeved pajamas holding pink polaroid camera

Champagne toast the morning of a summer wedding in Boston.

Bride holding champagne flute with her engagement ring hand

Bride in feather sleeved white long pajamas on the morning of her wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Boston

Bride in ankle strapped heels and feather accented white silk pajamas sitting on the arm of a couch and holding champagne.

Bride jumps on the bed with prosecco bottle in one hand while wearing white heart shaped sunglasses. Boston weddings.

Bride and her maid of honor share a fun moment sitting on a bed while getting ready for the wedding.

The Bradley Estate. An elegant wedding venue nestled in the hills of suburban boston. Summer wedding in Boston

Groom adjusts bow tie on the morning of wedding at the Bradley Estate.

Bride gets final touch ups before putting on her wedding dress for summer wedding in Boston

groom in black bow tie smiles and looks down while adjusting cufflinks

Happy bride getting ready at the Bradley Estate.

Best man helps groom put on jacket at Bradley Estate Wedding

Black tie groom is ready for the big day. East Coast Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding dress hanging on golden framed mirror with heels, flowers, and veil. Bradley Estate Bridal suit. Classic wedding venue in Boston

Mother of the bride shares hug with her daughter in the bridal suite at the Bradley Estate.

Summer Boston Bride does final check in gold framed mirror at the Bradley Estate in suburban boston

Bride and her mom share a moment while maid of honor finishes buttoning wedding dress.

Randall Loeffler dusty blue bow heels. Bridesmaid helps bride put on heels.

Mother of the groom smiles in the bridal suite at the Bradley Estate.

Bride and groom first look in the gardens at the Bradley Estate.

Boston Wedding Photographer. Summer flower blooms.

Bride and groom snuggle in front of the grand facade of the Bradley Estate. Boston Summer Wedding

Bride and groom float across the lawn in the gardens at the Bradley Estate.

Groom kisses the temple of bride holding classic white flowers

Classic bride and groom cake topper photo during boston summer wedding.

Bradley Estate Wedding. Bride and groom share cute moment during wedding day portraits.

Wedding day bridal portrait in lush greenery on the grounds of the Bradley Estate. Off the shoulder wedding dress with long flowing train.

East Coast Destination Wedding Photographer

Full bridal party group picture on the lawn at the Bradley Estate. Black tie groomsmen and bridesmaids in dusty pink maxi dresses. Boston Wedding Photographer

Bride and groom walk with full bridal party.

Bride and bridesmaids get close and look down at lush bouquets with a touch of pink.

Boston Wedding Photographer.

Groom grabs bride for dip kiss while walking with bridal party at boston summer wedding.

GQ black tie groom walks with groomsmen at Bradley Estate summer wedding.

Maid of honor helps bride with dress while walking on the lawn.

Bradley Estate wedding ceremony with white floral petal lined aisle. Lush greenery at boston summer wedding.

Lush white and green florals in stone pedestal. At boston wedding ceremony

Elegant reserved sign with pink ribbon on white chair

Boston Wedding Film Photographer.

Wedding minister with rainbow colored sash walks up flower petal lined aisle at wedding ceremony.

Groom is escorted by both of his parents at Bradley Estate wedding ceremony.

Father of the bride holds his daughters hand as they share a happy moment walking to boston summer wedding ceremony.

Proud happy groom. with tree covered in white flowers at The Bradley Estate.

White flower petal lined wedding ceremony in the gardens at the Bradley Estate. Boston Wedding Photographer.

Groom greets bride and her father at the top of the aisle at boston summer wedding ceremony.

Expansive overall picture of the full bridal party during summer wedding ceremony at the Bradley Estate in Suburban Boston.

Maid of honor helps bride with wedding dress at the start of wedding ceremony.

Bradley Estate Summer Wedding Ceremony

Groom places wedding band on finger of bride as they both smile.

Beautiful moment between bride and groom during exchanging of rings during boston summer outdoor wedding

Parents of the groom clap during first kiss at boston summer wedding ceremony.

Bradley Estate First Kiss. Summer wedding ceremony.

emotional parents of the bride at Bradley Estate Summer wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom walk down flower petal lined ceremony aisle as groom gets hit with flower petals.

Boston Wedding Photographer.

Bride and groom dip kiss at the end of aisle during summer wedding in boston.

East Coast Destination Wedding Photographer

Black and white blurry photo as bride and groom walk away after Bradley Estate wedding. Boston Wedding Photographer.

Maid of honor in dusty pink dress helping sister walk with large wedding dress.

Newlywed ring detail photo.

Candid group photo after wedding ceremony as everyone toasts the bride and groom.

Groomsmen toast after wedding ceremony at the Bradley Estate in suburban Boston

Lobster rolls served at cocktail hour for New England outdoor wedding reception.

Cocktails with pink edible flowers at boston outdoor wedding reception

Bridal party toast at the start of cocktail hour.

New England Destination Wedding Photographer.

Film Wedding Photographer

Candid black and white moment while bride gets dress bustled at boston summer wedding.

Newlywed wedding ring detail photo

dramatic black and white dip kiss between bride and groom in the doorway at the Bradley Estate. Summer wedding in Boston.

Classic white and green sperry tent reception with wooden pole wrapped in lush greenery. Boston summer wedding.

Pale pink table napkins with golden utensils and gold rimmed plates.

Golden hand written script table numbers.

Bradley Estate outdoor wedding reception place setting.

Wooden tent pole wrapped in lush greenery. Boston wedding photographer.

simple pale pink and yellow small flower.

Champagne tower with silver goblets. Boston summer wedding reception

three tiered white wedding cake with white and pale pink flowers flowing down the front and touches of greenery. Boston summer wedding.

Bradley Estate outdoor wedding reception set up.

sperry tent with accents of white draping and pedestal flowers at tent entrance.

Champagne tower detail photo.

candid moment of the groom at cocktail hour wearing circular gold rimmed ray bans and holding an old fashioned. Black tie groom with large white flower boutonniere. New England Destination Wedding Photographer.

Water station with blooming white flower tree with elegant glass pitchers filled with lemons. Boston wedding photographer.

Wedding guest sips drink while wearing bright blue long sleeved dress at Bradley Estate Summer Wedding

Single serving lobster bisque with big chunks of lobster at boston summer outdoor wedding reception.

Girls take the suit jackets of the guys at chilly outdoor wedding reception in Boston.

wedding guests laugh at Bradley Estate cocktail hour.

Bride and groom formal portrait from behind while sitting at head table during outdoor sperry tent reception at the Bradley Estate in suburban boston.

Candid bride and groom walking during outdoor cocktail hour at boston summer wedding.

Wedding reception plated dinner at The Bradley Estate.

Candid of wedding guests walking at boston summer wedding.

Bride and groom pour champagne together over champagne tower at boston outdoor wedding reception.

Black and white candid wedding photo. Boston wedding photographer.

Bride and groom walk to first dance at boston summer wedding.

black and white first dance bride and groom.

Rehearsed classic bride and groom first dance.

Bride's dress flows during spin. First dance at Bradley Estate.

Bride and groom arms interlocked during boston summer wedding.

Bridgerton inspired first dance at summer outdoor wedding reception at the Bradley Estate.

Father of the bride makes emotional speech while holding his chest.

Maid of honor smiles while giving heartfelt speech at summer wedding in boston.

best man reaches into suit jacket while getting ready for speech

Bride and groom champagne toast during speeches.

happy bride laughs during maid of honor speech.

Father of the groom at outdoor wedding reception

black and white candid wedding photo. Maid of honor hugs bride in emotional moment at boston summer wedding.

mother of the groom during wedding reception speeches

sperry tent topped with flowing white flags nestled amongst lush greenery at Bradley Estate outdoor wedding reception.

Bride and groom kiss at head table under tent with string lights and lush greenery covered tent pole.

bride and groom cute wedding cake overflowing with flowers.

bride twirls her dress while walking at wedding reception.

bride gets piece of cake

get the party started with bride and groom at outdoor wedding reception in Boston.

Bride and groom candid dip kiss during wedding reception in Boston

emotional bride and groom share sweet embrace. String lights in sperry tent during summer wedding.

Bride and groom share fun moment on the dance floor.

bride shows off grooms ring

Elated bride has fun moment on the dance floor with her new husband. Boston wedding photographer.

Groomsmen lets loose on the dance floor at Bradley Estate outdoor wedding reception.

Wedding guest flips bride unexpectedly during dance at outdoor wedding reception in Boston. showing off blue randall loeffler heels.

Fun live band at Bradley Estate Summer Wedding Reception. Sailcloth tent and string lights.

Flapper themed second dress for bride. Bride twirls beaded dress on the dance floor with string lights.

Groom gets picked up in chair during outdoor wedding reception in Boston.

Wedding guest having a fun time during tented outdoor wedding reception in Boston.

Bride and bridesmaids get down on the dance floor. Bride changes into fun second dress. Boston wedding photographer.

candid group photo on the dance floor during summer wedding.

Candid dance floor photo of bride holding her heart and smiling while beaded dress flows behind her.

Black and white candid dance floor wedding photo.

flowy beaded second dress for the bride at bradley estate

boston destination wedding photographer.

Bride and groom bubble exit.

Bride and groom hug before exit at boston outdoor wedding reception.

Boston wedding photographer.

one last kiss after exiting wedding reception at Bradley Estate. Sperry tent.

Bradley Estate getaway car with bride and groom kissing. Bride pops her foot out for one last kiss.

bride and groom kiss in the back seat of vintage getaway car.

Photography: Kai & Tim ; Kailee DiMeglio Photography
Charleston Wedding Photographers
Venue: The Bradley Estate
Planner: Perfectly Coordinated
Hair & Make Up Artist: Salon Acote
Florist: Les Fleurs
Videographer: Lovework Weddings
Ceremony Music: Golden Scroll Soloists
Reception Entertainment: K2 Chris Cole
Caterer: Fireside Catering
Cake: Dessert Works
Film Scans: Photovision Prints


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