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Pretty Swept Away in Pink

We are absolutely enchanted by Hannah and Sean’s Pretty Swept Away in Pink wedding gallery! This Charleston based couple met in 2019, and have since lived a charmed life together in the Holy City. In 2021, on a romantic getaway to Switzerland, Sean proposed to Hannah. The engaged couple spent the following months planning their springtime Middleton Place wedding – hoping for blue skies, infectious joy and brilliant beauty. Take a peek to see all of their wishes come true!

We met Hannah and her blush pink entourage at the Middleton Place Inn, tucked away on the peaceful riverbank of the historic estate. The bridal room was illuminated with gorgeous springtime light pouring in through the glass walls, and the beaming faces of Hannah’s bridesmaids. In a pink polka dot dress, Hannah’s mother helped her slip into her exquisite Lea Ann Belter gown. The elegant bodice hugged the bride perfectly, spilling out into a full A-line skirt with rose appliques adorning the tulle. 

The soon-to-be wed couple met for a first look in a grove of blooming pink and red azaleas. In his Brackish bow tie and spotted feather lapel, Sean was a sharp match for his breathtaking bride. The two laughed and embraced for the first time on their wedding day, soaking in a moment’s peace before everything picked up. Reading their letters, they exchanged heartfelt words amid a symphony of birdsong and salty wind rustling the trees.

We toured the opulent Middleton gardens, weaving in and out of moss-draped crepe myrtles and swoon-worthy rows of pink blooms. The meticulously well-kept landscape proved to be a fitting backdrop for the picture perfect duo. Sean carried Hannah’s train, and the two laughed as he shielded her from a few touchy branches. 

The ceremony was held at the Octagonal Garden, a perfectly manicured site nestled in the bend of the Ashley River. The iconic vista is divided into geometric quadrants, reminiscent of the Gardens of Versailles. Balanced with mirroring flower beds and a marble fountain in the center, the formal spectacle was made complete when Hannah walked down the aisle. In the shade of a looming oak tree, Sean stood resolute as his soon-to-be bride approached him. With loving eyes, Hannah’s father gave his daughter away to Sean. While holding each other’s gaze and reciting their vows, the couple slipped into a world of their own and began a new chapter of life together.  

The guests mingled in the meadow behind the Middleton Place Restaurant, enjoying delectable bites of Southern cuisine and refreshing libations. Some sat back on bistro tables, breathing in the lush landscape overgrown with Lowcountry flora and fauna. Others stood by the water, marveling at the reflection of the grandfather oaks towering above the surface. The radiant newlyweds emerged onto the scene, inspiring a chorus of elated cheer. Wading through a sea of beaming friends and family, Hannah and Sean were showered in the love cascading around them. 

After cocktail hour, the wedding party moseyed across the lawn, stopping to admire the unassuming grazing sheep and the historic Middleton home. Upon entering the reception space, everyone’s senses were invigorated with blush pink beauty, akin to the roses scattered about the venue. The dining area imbued the musings of springtime with crisp white linens, powder pink napkins and gold flatware. Lovely bouquets of roses, white snapdragons and whimsical greenery bloomed from the center of each stunning tablescape.

Once the guests found their seats, Hannah and Sean shared a first dance to Sam Cooke’s “What A Wonderful World.” The couple laughed and twirled to the timeless ballad, setting a heart melting tone for the night. Taking the stage for his speech, Hannah’s father gave his thanks to the guests and welcomed Sean to the family. As an homage to the family’s heritage, he presented the couple with placards printed with traditional Chinese wedding wishes and their English translations. One read “Live Together Till Old and Grey,” and the other, “Tie the Knot and of One Heart Forever.”

By the end of speeches and dinner service, the wedding party was eager to release its uncontainable joy onto the dance floor. Sean and Hannah lead their friends and family into an eruptive dance party that never lost its charge. With folks strutting around in silly photo booth props, and Chick-fil-A sandwiches in circulation, everyone was bubbling over with playful energy. One guest threw off her shoes and did the worm, while others congregated to launch the newlyweds in the air. Hannah and Sean cried tears of laughter as they were paraded around the dancefloor, bobbing high above their friends and family.

Sean took Hannah in his arms for the last song, singing to her and admiring her radiant smile. The guests spread out, encircling the couple with love and support, sealing in the magic of the night. Parading their glow stick lightsabers out the door, the guests created a technicolor runway for the couple’s send off. Hand in hand and blissed out, Hannah and Sean floated through the technicolor tunnel, taking in enough love to last their lifetime together.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Craig! It brings us so much joy to see you so happy!

Check out a few of our favorites from this wedding day below!
xox Kai & Tim

Photography: Kai & Tim ; Kailee DiMeglio Photography
Charleston Wedding Photographers
Venue: Middleton Place
Wedding Planner: Bouquets & Bowties
Hair & Makeup: Bride & Friends
Florist: Charleston Flower Girl
Ceremony Music: Charleston Entertainment
Reception Music: DJ Wade, Other Brother Entertainment
Transportation: Coastal Limo
Caterer: Middleton Place
Cake: Publix
Wedding Dress: Maddison Row


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