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Kailee DiMeglio Photography 

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, we are smitten with low country weddings. However, we’ve got a wanderlust for travel, and can meet you wherever you may be for your special day. 

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Lovers of beauty, deep belly laughs and fluffy dogs. We are kind and adventurous people that cherish once in a lifetime experiences. Meet us.

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Kiss Me, You Fool

We’ve been part of Sabrina and Elijah’s matrimonial journey since their Secret Garden Engagement shoot last year.


A Lifetime of Fancy Dinner Parties

“I wanted it to feel like the venue was our home and we were having everyone over for a dinner party” gushed the bride of the hour, Lea Allen.


It's a Love Story, Baby Say I Do

The Notebook is Alex’s favorite movie. This passionate tale of soulmates, Allie and Noah, fighting for love...