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Love is in the Details

Tucked away in the picturesque Old Village neighborhood east of the Charleston peninsula lies the boutique Post House Inn. This eclectic, all-American restaurant and hotel is one of the most idyllic abodes — perfect for a signature scent-infused private dinner party celebrating two sweethearts who live and breathe to glorify the details that weave together their love story. Christina and Matt’s Post House wedding was an absolute work of art: the couple thoughtfully curated a cozy, engaging atmosphere enriched with heart-warming tokens of nostalgia and mouth-watering cuisine. And because Christina’s love language is gift-giving, every guest went home with a handwritten letter, a signature scent candle, a Mr. and Mrs. Johnson cookie, and of course — a treasure trove of priceless memories.

Walking through the sky-blue front door we were enveloped by a waft of delicious smells and the distinctive clink and clatter of a concluding brunch service. Weaving through determined Post House employees, we walked up the wooden staircase to the Rose Room. Aglow in her blush pink silk robe, Christina greeted us with a warm smile punctuated with hot pink lipstick. She enthusiastically pointed us to her details and we got to work (we love a detail-prepped bride!). Among her eucalyptus green stationary with a gold monogrammed wax seal and a breathtaking selection of Fall-inspired florals, we found…dominoes. (Ironically, this detail is the glue that seals this story together.) Years ago when Christina and Matt were looking for each other on dating apps, Matt responded to Christina’s family game night prompt on Hinge, stemming a passionate debate over their favorite family games. Not convinced that dominoes is a riveting family game, Matt challenged her to change his mind on their first date. Funny enough, when they met they got so swept away in conversation that the dominoes never left Christina’s purse!

After gushing over the detail shots, Christina, her sister, and her mom gathered in the sunlit suite to fasten the buttoned hem of the bride’s fabulous Anne Barge gown. The dramatic off-the-shoulder sleeves, cinched waist and flattering trumpet train oozed Hollywood glam. Between her sparkling blue eyes and her blonde sleek and structured half updo, she looked like Bridal Barbie come to life. She completed the look with a dazzling pair of pointed-toe Betsey Johnson heels (in honor of the name she would be taking that evening) and her signature pink lipstick (an ode to her dear friend Kathy who passed away this year). The ladies invited their dad and brother into the suite to swoon over the beautiful bride and savor the moment as a family. 

Meanwhile, Matt was down the hall in his suite adjusting his navy blue tux and showing off his custom “Fellowship of the Rings 10-21-23” groomsmen socks. He looked sharp as a tack and fit in perfectly with the relaxed, yet elevated aesthetic of the boutique room. We called him downstairs to take his place on the quiet residential sidewalk outside the restaurant. Standing under the bright sun, enjoying the cool breeze rolling off the harbor, Matt waited patiently for his wife-to-be. Poking her head out the wooden door, she walked over to Matt and tapped him on the shoulder. Giddy as ever, he turned to see his red-carpet-worthy bride beaming at him. The two embraced and lost no time before commenting on one another’s sharp attire. Twirling his bride in front of the white clapboard house with sky-blue trim and a burnt orange awning, Matt and Christina turned this all-American neighborhood scene into a blockbuster romance movie set.

Sporting their best and brightest for Christina and Matt, the excited guests arrived at the charming inn. Stepping through the white picket fence onto the side patio, the guests were instantly greeted with flutes of champagne and cold glasses of craft beer. They wasted no time figuring out where to sit for the ceremony because Christina had handwritten each person’s name on a seating chart. (This woman is efficient!)  What had been an outdoor dining space that morning was now transformed into a whimsical courtyard wedding chapel. Rows of amber chiavari chairs fit snug under the billowing red and white striped awning. The florist, Roadside Blooms, enriched the space with saturated pink, purple, orange and yellow florals that sprouted up from every row, leading the eye to the arched floral arbor crowning the space.  

Matt and Christina’s family members made their way down the aisle of October blooms and found their seats in the front row. An entourage of their little nieces and nephews slowly trotted to the front, tossing white rose petals and presenting Matt with an embroidered “J” pillow bearing the rings. In honor of Christina’s unabashed love for Target, the smallest junior groomsmen came down the aisle pushing a miniature red shopping cart with a white bullseye logo. Amidst the giggles in the audience, Christina and her dad came walking through, sending a swooned hush over the crowd. Christina was grinning ear to ear to see all of her loved ones there to support her and Matt on their big day. Matt was simply happy to see her shining with such joy. In true family affair fashion, the couple included their siblings in the ceremony, and their dear family friend officiated the marriage. After a symphony of vows, laughter, and tears, Christina and Matt sealed the deal with a kiss and turned a new chapter together as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. 

With the golden October sunset shining down on the Post House, folks moseyed about the venue following their cocktail hour bliss. Some cozied up on the cushioned patio benches, enjoying delectable appetizers passed around by the hospitable Post House employees, while others were pulled inside to the raw bar featuring oysters on the half-shell and peel-and-eat shrimp. Sitting back in the leather green chairs at the bar, the newlyweds basked in the excellent ambiance they created and toasted their coupes to a beautiful night. Eager to see the rest of their vision come to life, Christina and Matt strolled into the dining room where their dream-come-true dinner party would soon commence. Bursting with rich jewel-toned colors reflecting the warm light, the tables were adorned with mismatched goblets, gilded flatware and handwritten personalized letters. Emerald green candles flickered at the center of the tables, dancing with vibrant florals pouring out of gold vases. It was the intimate yet elevated dinner party aesthetic the couple was hoping for and it meshed perfectly with the antiquated charm of the old building. 

After the first dances and a warm welcome from the father of the bride, the honored guests took their seats in the candlelit dining room and opened their cards from Christina. This handwritten thoughtful touch set the tone for an unforgettable evening of fine wine, deep belly laughs, the recollection of old memories and a few comedic jabs aimed at the couple of the hour – the makings of a successful dinner party. Snuggled up in a cozy banquette with front-row seats to this picture-perfect sight, the couple savored every second admiring their loved ones. Once everyone had laughed, cried and cleaned their plates, they gathered around for the cake-cutting. Exalted next to a bouquet of technicolor flowers, a set of monogrammed sterling silver cake knives and two gold bird figurines (a symbol of Matt’s passion for birdwatching), awaited their immaculate wedding cake. Digging in with their fingers and hand-feeding one another, the two shared a sugar-sweet kiss and the final toast of the night. 

Rounding the corner, a slick saxophone player in sunglasses sounded an exhilarating tune in harmony with the house music building on the dance floor. Coaxing everyone out of the dining room and towards the DJ, Christina, and her entourage of besties followed the sax to the strobe-lit dance party. Jumping up on the banquette with her girlfriend, Christina cried out the lyrics to her favorite songs. Folks joined in to dance, taking breaks grazing the scrumptious dessert bar, feeling torn between creme brule, lemon tarts, wedding cake and Christina and Matt’s signature cookies. Matt was happy to finally cut into his three-dimensional groom’s cake with all his favorite things stuffed in a cooler (birds, crossword puzzles, the Clemson Tigers and cold craft beer). He made himself a dessert plate and sat outside on the patio, savoring every bite. (But the kitchen was not done cooking yet!) Anticipating the dance party worked up an appetite, the Post House employees came around with milk and warm cookies, french fries and mini chicken sandwiches. 

Blissed out on good food and great company, everyone cheered on the two lovebirds as they swayed and smooched in the middle of the dance floor. Christina and Matt looked around at the beaming faces enveloping them with love, taking in every detail, the way that they do. 

You have officially made dinner party history Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!
Congratulations! (And please invite us to the next one!)

Photography: Kai & Tim; Kailee DiMeglio Photography
Venue: Post House Inn
Wedding Planner: Experience Holy City
Hair & Makeup: Lashes & Lace
Florist: Roadside Blooms
Videography: Haley Sirisky Videography
Music: Other Brother Entertainment
Caterer: Post House Inn
Cake: ABCD Cake Design
Invitation Suite, Signage, & Paper Goods: Kate Eliza Creative
Custom Watercolor: Studio R
Rentals: Snyder Events
Linens: Stradley Davidson
Favors (Cookies): Sweet Sunset Cookies
Favors (Candles): Candlefish
Bridal Aide: Cacky’s Bridal Aid


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