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Sun Kissed Green & White Wedding with Gold Accents at The William Aiken House

If anyone believes that you can’t interfere with fate, it’s Jada and Chris. Just two kids on spring break in the Bahamas, Chris and Jada’s cruise ships happened to dock at the same port on the same day. Their mutual friend, and low-profile matchmaker, arranged for a college-style beach day where Jada and Chris met for the first time. Nothing came of it, until seven years later when their paths crossed again, reintroduced by the same mutual friend. This time around sparks flew and they wouldn’t dare go another seven years without seeing each other. Since that fateful reintroduction, they’ve been attached at the hip and recently summited the greatest height of romance with a surprise proposal in Florence, Italy. Now the fates can sit back and relax because Jada and Chris finally made it to the altar to tether their lives together once and for all. 

Peeling through the ornate wrought iron gate of the William Aiken House, we could sense the telltale quality of wedding day magic in the air. The welcoming garden was flourishing with fragrant springtime blooms and vibrant greenery, reminding us why we love this special venue. Winding up the staircase we could hear the bubbling banter of Jada and her bridesmaids. Greeting us with a kind smile, Jada looked like a dream with her hair pulled back in an immaculate low bun with two wispy blonde locks framing her face. Popping a bottle of champagne on the veranda, the bridesmaids cheered for their bride and ushered her inside for her gown reveal. Slipping into her Anne Barge dress with a plunging V-neck and a flattering fit-and-flare skirt, her mother fastened a string of pearls onto Jada’s wrist repurposed from her 80’s wedding dress. Waiting outside in their mossy green iridescent dresses the bridesmaids shielded their eyes as Jada emerged from the French doors. Opening their eyes they crooned a symphony of swoons while Jada twirled in the center and giggled at her gushing girlfriends. 

Standing resolute in the corridor facing the garden, Chris looked sharp as a tack in his bespoke black tux with a white ranunculus fastened to his lapel. The bridesmaids stole a peek from the second-story balcony, their eyes fixed on the romantic scene below. Turning to face Jada, Chris fell into her arms in disbelief and pulled back to take in the stunning picture of his bride. The two snuggled in close, enveloped by the cheerful yellow walls and traditional crown molding signature to the historic home. Like a picture of timeless beauty, Jada posed with her monochrome bouquet blooming with whimsical sweet peas and ranunculus. Strolling through the courtyard, the couple’s black and white color pallete played classically with the green foliage flourishing around them. Cozying up next to their bride, the bridesmaid’s moss green dresses brought out every natural hue in the lush landscape. Summoning the handsome groomsmen, the bridal party sauntered about, sending cheerful triumph into the atmosphere as they showered their new favorite couple in love.

Walking into the breathtaking oasis of the William Aiken courtyard the fashionable guests strolled about sipping on mint-infused water and champagne. The white pergola signature to the venue was elaborately embellished with sprawling asymmetrical vines budding with romantic white flowers. Two impressive arrangements with luscious hydrangeas and delicate roses bloomed tall at the back of the aisle. Taking their seats on the wooden garden chairs, the charmed guests breathed in the impeccable ambiance. The string quartet began to play, carrying the procession down the aisle flanked with buttery white rose petals. Overcome with gratitude, Chris embraced each of his groomsmen, thanking them for their support. Looking naturally serene in their mismatched gowns the bridesmaids floated down the aisle with their lush bouquets. Following behind, Jada walked towards Chris, with her grandfather on her arm and her father’s ashes secured in a locket on her bouquet. Taking his bride’s hand, Chris led Jada to the arbor where they met their matchmaking mutual friend who was given the honor of officiating the ceremony. Moving through laughter and tears lent by the officiant’s poignant and playful personal references, the couple vowed their hearts to one another in the presence of their dearest family and friends. 

Taking in the sensorial details of the scene, the guests mingled and moseyed about while sipping their pink pilomas. Bright and cheery in their springtime best, they enjoyed delectable Southern bites of crab cake and fried chicken. After signing the marriage license in the red and gold suite, Chris and Jada headed to the upstairs veranda to greet their guests. Relishing in the fresh spring air, the couple made their rounds, hugging old friends and beloved family members. Ecstatic to continue celebrating the newlywed couple, the guests filled the reception space with oohs and ahhs. Soft natural light poured in through the clear top tent, illuminating every ornate detail. The tablescapes were an intermixture of gold leaf and sage fabrics, punctuated with airy florals and gilded bamboo chairs. An irresistible lounge area with cozy white couches and rattan armchairs surrounded a gold finished glass coffee table blooming with white buds and green vines. In perfect harmony with the natural landscape, the sophisticated yet timeless scene invigorated everyone’s senses. 

Marching hand in hand through a sea of loved ones, Jada and Chris made their way onto the black and white dance floor. On cloud nine in one another’s arms, they swayed and rocked to Ben Rector’s “Forever Like That.” Melting everyone’s hearts, Jada held her grandfather close for her version of a father-daughter dance. Following behind, Chris took his mom’s hand and led her to the dance floor for their special moment. After a mouth-watering Southern supper, the guests were ready to break out their favorite dance moves with Emerald Empire. Making the most of the impeccable atmosphere, some folks enjoyed good conversation in the lounge area while others got swept away by the music. Looking like a rock star in her light-up flower crown and heart-shaped glasses, Jada sang the words to her favorite songs. Waving their glow sticks in the air, the bridal party jumped and jived, stopping only when the pizza and slider platter came around. Taking center stage, Chris twirled and dipped his sweetheart, making the party go wild. After sharing one final dance, the blissed-out guests grabbed their sparklers and lined up along the brick pathway to send off the newlyweds. Floating through a runway of all their favorite people, Chris dipped Jada and the two sealed the night with a romantic kiss. 

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Gure! Fate has a lifetime of romance in store for you!

Photography: Kailee & Tim Shields Kailee DiMeglio Photography   
Venue: William Aiken House 
Wedding Planner: Parte Events
Hair & Makeup: Paper Dolls Weddings
Florist: Festoon 
Music: Emerald Empire
Caterer: PPHG
Cake: Publix
Invitation Suite/Paper Goods: Alexa Nelson Prints 
Rentals: Snyder & Crush Rentals 


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